Our Family Story

Kevin and I met in November of 1999 while both serving in the Air Force.  It wasn't long before we were married and caring for our first child, Heidi.  After becoming pregnant a second time I decided to leave the military so I could care for the children.  Following the birth of Kolton we had Annika and then Kurtis.  We were blessed with 4 wonderful children.

As our family increased so did the amount of neighborhood kids that frequented our home.  There were 3 sisters in particular that touched my heart.  They came from a broken home and I wanted so bad to save them.  I'd give them food, rides and friendship.  I did what I could but it was never enough.  When the military transferred us to California I was devastated, feeling like I had abandoned my children.  How I wished I could have taken them with me.

At our new home I met a friend that was going through the adoption process.  She was trying to adopt a child from the foster care system.  I called the agency and we attended their information session.  After much prayer and discussion we decided to proceed.  Next came the paperwork, inspections and waiting.  Two years later and we were blessed with our fifth child, Keith.  I'm hoping that there's at least one more adoption in our future.  As for now I'll have to be patient and trust in God's timing.

We are currently homeschooling the kids and attend an OPC church.  My husband is still in the military so we move often.  Right now we're stationed in Colorado.