Sunday, July 7, 2013

On the Run

We put the rats in their outside cage and they managed to tunnel out.  I caught 2 of them but the third was nowhere to be found.  We left food on the porch in hopes she'd return in the evening.

The next morning we saw a few tracks and were hopeful that they were hers.  We searched again but Annie was still missing.

By afternoon I doubted we'd see her again.  The neighbor has a cat and we suspected she had headed in that direction.
Then something surprising happened.  Our neighbor came over to ask if we were missing a pet!  Apparently he was sitting on his deck when Annie came to join him. lol!  I imagine he was startled when he saw a black rat running at his feet.  He attempted to catch her in a bucket but after a few failed attempts he came to get us.   He said he could tell she was friendly but didn't want to touch her.
Heidi walked into his yard and grabbed Annie.  I'm so grateful she was unharmed.  Many people would have tried to "get rid" of the rat.   We're happy to have her back.

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