Monday, September 7, 2015

Pike 5-8-15

We visited the Pike family while we were in California.  We met them because they lived next door to us.  They're an amazing family.  Daniel Pike was in the Air Force.  Him and his wife Naomi have 3 wonderful children that played with our kids.  (Their oldest son Kael was best friends with Kurtis.)

Naomi makes dolls and animals and sells them online.  (Her shop can be found HERE.)  She invited Heidi to her house and taught her how to make them as well.  She's the most creative person I've ever met!  Both of them are total sci-fi nerds like Kevin and I.

Daniel was forced to retire when he found out that he had cancer in his tongue.  They were featured in the local paper. HERE and HERE is their story. 

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