Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Biking to school

The kids are in public school (more on that tomorrow).  I decided that we'd ride our bikes on the first day.  Took a few hours to get them ready.  I replaced a few tires and fixed Kolton's brakes.  Everyone was eager to help.

The ride to the school was a breeze.   I was excited and so were the kids.  After dropping them off I headed home.  It was all uphill the whole the way back.  Eeek!   
Keith was wonderful. I had him ride on the "hitchhiker"  because I didn't know if he could make it all the way to the school and back.  It's 8 miles roundtrip.   

He sang the whole way home.  It was like having a bike radio.  lol  He even helped pedal on the tough inclines.  A few times he cheered for me "C'mon mom.  Keep pedaling!  You are doing good!"

I took a video but you can't see much.  I was biking so I had to blindly aim the camera in Keith's general direction.   I'm pretty sure he was making up the words as he went.  I tried to get him to sing his favorite camp song "there's no God like Jehovah."  

Our afternoon ride was a nightmare.  My bike had a flat so Keith rode his little bike and I went on rollerblades.  My rollarblades were broken so it was exhausting to keep up with the kids.  Keith crashed twice and Annika once.  Both were skinned and bleeding.  I wondered if we'd make it home. Eventually we did and all was fine.  Annika even posed for a picture of her wounds.

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