Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Public School

The kids started going to public school once a week.  It's a special program for homeschoolers.  I was hesitant to enroll them, but frankly I felt I needed a break.  They are able to teach my children things that I can't.  Heidi is learning piano and choir.  :)  She is also taking Art and Spanish.
The kids did great but I have to confess that I cried after dropping them off.  Kurtis is in third grade and it was his first day of public school.   
So far I've noticed a few differences in this school (compared to their last public school in California).  Since the kids are homeschooled they behave differently.  They are shy and reserved, but they are also more respectful and behaved.  I also noticed more skirts and a girl wearing homemade clothes.  I was surprised to learn that the boys hold open doors for the girls.  My kids all commented on how much nicer the students are. I'm hoping the whole year goes this smoothly.

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