Monday, August 24, 2015

Ameritowne 3-18-15

Last year the kids participated in Ameritowne with their school.  It's a class where kids learn about supply and demand, job skills, work habits, banking procedures, democratic process, and career awareness.  (

At the end of the year the kids participate in a mock town scenario.  They all apply for jobs and are assigned tasks.  Once the children find employment their combined careers make a small village.  There are doctors, postmen, police, travel agents, bankers, journalists, managers and judges to name a few.   Working together they run the town.  Everyone is given ameritowne money for their work and able to spend it at the ameritowne stores (run by their fellow students).  

I believe it was a wonderful experience for the kids.  They had an excellent time and learned life skills that they'll need in the future.  

Young Ameritowne has a website if you would like more information.  Here is a video they posted.  None of my kids are in it but I thought some of you may find it interesting.

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